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2017/07/17The GAGA project is now live! The goals of the project is explained in Myrmecoological News.
2017/07/04The genomic study of the sand rat published in PNAS reveals why this desert rodent is susceptible to nutritionally induced diabetes.
2017/06/28We are pleased to have two lovely girls, Ms. Minqi Cai and Jinxiang Shi from Southeast university, join us as interns!
2017/06/08The genome of the endangered Chinese Crocodile Lizard (Shinisaurus crocodilurus) was published in GigaScience.
2017/02/06The study of Aves class-specific cis-regulatory elements which shed light on the evolution of flight feathers is published in Nature Communications today. This is a new paper from the B10K project!
2016/12/24Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all!
2016/11/01The genome of leopard gecko was published in Gigascience.
2016/10/27The first B10K workshop was held in Beijing during 27-29th Oct, 2016.
2016/10/06The study of evolutionary trajectories of snake genes and genomes was published in Nature Communications.
2016/09/09We moved to our new office in China National Genebank (CNGB) today.
2016/06/03We are delighted to have Mr. Bo Ji join our team as a bioinformatics technician.
2016/05/03We are delighted to have Ms. Chunxue Guo join our team as the new administrative coordinator.
2015/06/03We formally announced the initiative of the Bird 10,000 Genomes (B10K) Project in Nature today.
2015/05/18The study of temporal dynamics of avian populations during pleistocene is published on Current Biology.
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